Biochemistry and Molecular Engineering, International Conference Held in Beijing
Science and Technology Daily News (Reporter Xiang Zheng) Eighteenth International Congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Engineering at June 16 was held in Beijing, the General Assembly is the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular engineering top academic conferences, initiated in 1978, each every two years, has been held 17 times.
     The first General Assembly held in countries outside Europe, gathered biochemistry, synthetic biology, bio-energy, bio-process engineering, and many experts and scholars as well as heavy engineering multinational executives, will directly promote the international forefront of Beijing and China docking, is the integration of global scientific and technological resources, the high-end platform for collaborative innovation, help develop a global perspective, is conducive to enhancing the influence of Beijing, is conducive to promoting world urban construction.
     Session the theme of "East meets West - biological design, synthetic biology and biological processes engineering international frontier," were set up 12 chapters, including bio-engineering, bio-energy, bio-materials, environmental science, and many other leading edge of strategic emerging industries fields. Participants from the United States per capita speech Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Yale University, Cambridge University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and other internationally renowned research institutes and universities, is expected to well-known enterprises at home and abroad, nearly 400 research institutes experts to the meeting.
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