Quality management system

1.The general manager is responsible for the quality of products, by offering necessary resources, making reasonable plans, organizing and coordinating to ensure that the quality department can perform its duties independently. The deputy general manager, leader of quality department, is entrusted by the general manager to operate and manage the quality department.

2.Led by the deputy general manager and independent from other departments,the quality department is divided into quality assurance and quality check, and its main obligation is to implement quality supervision, management and inspection.

3.Based on requirements of CGMP, our company has established total quality management system,three-stage quality management network with quality insurance at the core.

4.We have advanced detecting instruments and well trained employees.

5.With quality management system established and strengthened, we have passed ISO9000 and ISO22000.

6.Monitoring all the processes from raw material purchasing, production to releasing, we carry out CGMP to normalize and improve all regulations of quality management.

7.GMP updating training is adopted regularly to all necessary employees to enhance personnel quality philosophy.

8.Executing USP, EP and enterprise standards, we build FENGRUN brand with "natural, Clean, Safe & Healthy".


In 2008, our company invested more than 100 million yuan to complete a series of complete supporting facilities, such as clean workshop, air purification system, purified water treatment system, etc., which are required to review the d-level requirements of "good manufacturing practice for drugs".